About Eco Home :)

About Eco Home

Wasting is becoming a norm under the bless of the seemingly abundant resources in Hong Kong. When things age, when colours fade, when designs get out-dated, our used-to-beloved items were just sent to the landfills mercilessly.

Founded in 2014, ECOHOME (self-funded) aims to treasure-hunt what people abandoned, recycle everything that still has its values, and re-sell it to people indeed with a very low price. Since 2014 till now, ECOHOME has been trying to promote our values through different platform by reselling the products or sometimes giving them away for free. The Tsuen Wan shop was closed unluckily due to shortage of labour and high operation cost, whilst ECOHOME continues our business on the internet.

During our good old days in Tsuen Wan shop, ECOHOME had been given such a great opportunity to have met a lot of foreign domestic helpers. Indeed, we know they are one of the largest majority of the population who demands a lot of these recycled products. Sometimes, the helping hands from charity groups may not be the most appropriate, as we all, consumers, always wish to pick our preferred choices. To reiterate, ECOHOME wholeheartedly wish to achieve better allocation of resources, in order to relieve the intensifying pressure of landfills, and help those treasure to find their new owners.